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Description of photo here"Coral Bay Kayak”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 26 April 2015 Friendly helpful staff who have a high standard of safety. All equipment in excellent condition and wonderful conditions on the water for kayaking and snorkeling “Use Your Own Steam to Visit the Reef”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 9 April 2015 Stacey will look after you at the Kayak Hut at the end of the beach - near to the rocky point. She is a wealth of local knowledge and lovely too! Hire yourself a kayak or a paddle board and get out there amongst the wonderful coral and marine life

“Forget the Big Boat Trips - This Is THE Reef Experience! Awesome Indeed!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 6 April 2015 Family of 3 originally booked the 2 hour paddle as, "just something to do" in Coral Bay, but OMG!, what a fabulous few hours. Forget the boat trips - this is THE trip to do, and it was the highlight of our tour north! Corey and his lovely family made us feel so welcome from the moment I booked, right until the end of our experience. We met on the beach - 12 in total, both experienced and inexperienced paddlers were fitted with our snorkels and fins and the anticipation grew. We were clearly in good hands as our guide briefed us on the weather, the tide, the marine life and more importantly boat safety. Initially I thought it would be an easy paddle round the bay, but no, we were on an adventure - paddling 25 minutes right out to the edge of the reef, mooring up and snorkeling in the most amazing coral gardens. It was stunning: all sorts of breathtaking corals, an abundance of brightly coloured fish, big and small, and all in another world. We jumped back into the kayaks for a short paddle and then over to another area to see what was for me the highlight – turtles. Such graceful and gentle animals and swimming alongside us. It was real! Another short paddle and then we were left to swim back in to shore snorkeling at our leisure in the magical and crystal clear waters. (Corey was never far away!) It truly was an incredible experience – all recorded by him for $25, a bargain! Ningaloo Kayak Adventures is an honest and genuine tourist attraction and I cannot speak highly enough of our encounter in the reef. Thank you so much! I will be talking about this for a very long time.Visited April 2015

Challenging fears”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 7 March 2015 via mobileI have always had a huge fear of the sea but have always wanted to have a go at snorkeling above coral areas (failed every other attempt!!
I was recommended a kayak/snorkel tour. The best decision I have ever made. Cody our guide was so patient and encouraging. I was able to complete the tour holding on to a float attached to him. Am so happy I was able to see colorful coral, fish and a few turtles.
Thank you so much for helping my push my boundaries!!Visited March 2015

Most amazing thing I've ever done”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 19 February 2015The four of us walked down to the beach with the intention to rent some kayaks so that my partner could get out and see some things (he has just had a knee reconstruction). Corey offered us an amazing deal on a kayak and snorkel tour where he took us out to some amazing sights. Not only was he a great tour guide, he was also just such a great person. He took my partner along on his floatation device so that he could snorkel with us. We are so greatful for this once in a lifetime experience swimming with green turtles, sharks, and beautiful corals. Thank you so much guys. I would recommend Ningaloo Kayak Adventures to anyone looking to have an amazing time.Visited February 2015

Amazing trip!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 14 August 2014We booked this trip in the morning at around 10am and set off at 2pm. The kayaking was about 20 minutes to the pontoon where we left them to get into the sea. The instructor led the way and we gently floated above the reef watching the turtles and amazing different fish below. The kayak back was very easy as we drifted back to shore. The whole trip took around 2 hours. A great afternoon activity at an even greater price! (50aud pp)

“Great fun and value!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 2 August 2014This is one of the best value for money tours I've done. We were only in Coral Bay for two days and walked past this company on the beach while looking for a snorkeling spot.

They have a large range of tours available and all are value for money. There are plenty of kayaks and they put pics from your day on fb for you to tag yourself in.

We opted for the three hour kayak with turtles and reef sharks. The day of the tour, the swell was up and made the reef shark area no good. They offered us the 2 hour tour or to do the three hour one another day instead of taking us there anyway just for the extra money.

Kayaks were in good condition, the gear provided was good and the owners were fun. Really enjoyed the safety briefing. They know the reef and currents so well that we weren't swimming do much as drifting over the reef.

Everyone that visits Coral Bay should do this!

“Great value and introduction to Coral Bay”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 24 July 2014My partner and I just left Coral Bay after visiting twice in the one week because we loved it so much we had to go back again. The awesome staff at NKA helped us out a great deal and even remembered our names second time around. An absolute must do experience while you are there!Visited July 2014

“A must do!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 5 June 2014Had a wonderful 2 hour kayak adventure with tour guide Corey. He was an absolute blast and just a top notch guide. The tour was full of laughs and most importantly full of incredible sea life. Don't hesitate to book a tour with this crew! Well done guys and keep up the great work :)Visited June 2014

“Awesome adventure”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 14 May 2014 via mobileWe went on a kayak and snorkel trip with our guide Ben for 2 hours. It was an awesome experience and he was a great instructor. We paddled out to the reef and swam withe turtles. Totally worth it! And the water is so much clearer out there than in the bay.

[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 17 April 2014The guy who runs it is a legend.... He runs a nice little tour where we saw some great coral and sea turtles... Good way to spend a couple of hours

“A good coral bay experience!”
[4 of 5 stars] Reviewed 20 February 2014We went on a self-guided kayak trip. It was actually pretty easy once you realized what moorings you were looking for (we completely overshot the first one, thinking we couldn’t be there yet!). Didn’t see much marine life but lots of interesting coral and plashing around in the protected turquoise waters is of course a lot of fun!

“Best morning out at Coral Bay”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 4 January 2014Nestled at the pub end of the bay is the unassuming shed of Ningaloo Kayak Adventures, an experience you must have. Our family of three booked the morning two hour adventure and it was more than what we could have wished for. Corey was fantastic with the small group of a 10 people, who had all different experience with kayaking, snorkelling and even swimming! Nothing was too hard or too much of an ask. We enjoyed the wonderful eco friendly aspect to visiting Nemo's playground. The corals and the fish were mind blowing, forget the Great Barrier Reef! The experience is safe, well organised and very informative. Make sure you have this on your must do list at Coral Bay, it's the best spent money in Coral Bay.Visited January 2014

“amazing turtles”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 25 September 2013We went on the 2 hour turtle kayak and I swam right next to a green turtle. It was one life's special moments I will never forget. Corey and Stacey are passionate about the ocean, the Bay and their business and it shows. The next day we hired some kayaks and went out to a couple of recommended spots and the fish were literally everywhere! Next time we come we will head straight to the hut on the beach for another tour!

“Must do at Coral Bay”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 3 August 2013 Thanks Corey for sharing your knowledge and passion. My wife and two children had a great experience, especially swimming with those big old friendly fish at the hole. I literally dreamt of them last night! This experience was right up there with all our many snorkeling adventures to date. Great to know that someone with your love of the sea and everything in it is helping others to appreciate its wonders. Excellent service. Highly recommend! The Falconer Family.Visited August 2013

“Dianna & Michael Canberra”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed 23 July 2013 This is a must do when in coral bay, the snorkeling is super and Corey loves what he dose and this shows with his knowledge and passion about the reef and all the marine life that it contains,and you will always be greeted with a great big smile from Stacey when you enquire about any of their tours. If you have a few hours to spare then this is a MUST DO.Visited July 2013

"As avid scuba divers, this was a daily activity for us, well almost daily.
We put two sets of gear between our legs in the kayak and paddled out to the reef.
All the good dive sites are well within reach of the rental Centre
and it’s only a 20 minute paddle or so.You can hook up your kayak to the buoys that mark the dive spot
- the owner of the kayak Centre can tell you exactly which ones you have to go to and can give you a map,
so you actually know where you are when you’re out there
(cause all these buoys look the same once you’re out there haha).
The diving (or snorkeling) is phenomenal
and we can recommend everyone to do it! A cheap and easy way to dive the Ningaloo Reef ~ :) "

Lou - Curacao 

"Thanks so much for the photos, they’re great!
I had a wonderful time yesterday on the beautiful , calm waters of Ningaloo Reef. 
Ningaloo Kayak Adventures are very well organized,
provided easy to maneuver kayaks and a wonderfully enthusiastic and experienced guide in Corey.
  Looking forward to next time!"

Debbie - Australia 

"My daughter (11) and I had already completed a snorkel tour by boat and decided to visit the reef again via Canoe.
What a great way to do a dive and exercise your arms getting there. 
Would recommend ahead of a boat dive."

Paula - Australia

"Corey & Stacey, Thank you guys! You are both wonderful!
What a team you make! The whole experience was amazing and memorable,
and all four of us are looking forward to a follow up paddle. It was just great. 
Lovely from beginning to end!"

Sam - UK

"Run out of a small caravan at the end of the Coral Bay car park,
a perfect counterpoint to the highly- commercialised whale shark tour industry.
Small group, friendly but knowledgeable guide, serene kayaking and beautiful snorkeling,
offering turtles, reef sharks and spectacular coral.
Time and space to enjoy at your own pace. 
Highly recommended."

Jon - Australia

"Regarding yesterdays tour I would just like to say thank you to both of you.
When on the water, Corey was a wealth of information. 
Corey’s knowledge and passion for the reef was amazing & inspiring.
Also thank you Stacey, what a friendly greeting on our arrival back."

Tracy - Italy

"Thank you Corey & Stacey for a lovely experience!. 
You ran a very relaxed and welcoming experience,
yet is was also professional and educational. 
We have recommended your Kayak Tours and will continue to spread the word to our friends."

Karla & Greg - Australia 

"Well organized, professional and extremely good value for money." 

Bec- Australia

"Rating 10 out of 10.  Everything about the tour was easy thanks to easy going and good natured hosts"

Lisa - New Zealand

"Just wanted to say thanks for the photos and thanks for a great morning of Ningaloo Reef. 
You made us feel part of the group and safe with your instructions."

Sharon - Australia

"It was just a wonderful experience for our first kayaking adventure. 
We were both very impressed with your company and at all times felt safe.  We will return!"

Denis - Australia

"Thankyou for sending the photos, they are great. 
We both really liked our experience with you as you took the time to show us how to kayak. 
You both made it feel personal, like we were kayaking with friends, which was lovely. 
I would not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone and would love to go again next time we are in Coral Bay."

Rebecca & Darren - Australia

"We had one of the best adventure days yet as the weather was perfect and myself being a beginner
I was surprised at how well I could kayak with great easy to follow instructions. 
It was a fantastic workout and to do it in a picturesque setting make it the most relaxing workout I have ever had. 
I am already thinking about when my next kayak trip will be!"

Yoko - Japan

"Thanks Corey & Stacey for the photos, just wanted to let you know I had a fabulous time."

Dean - Australia

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